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Are you ready to launch a profitable yoga business and turn your solo teaching career into something bigger? Apply to join HUSTLE TO FLOW: The 30 Day Yoga Business Accelerator

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June 2019: 30 Day Yoga Business Accelerator
(start Dates)

Round 1: June 4
Round 2: June 12
Round 3: June 20


"If you want to heal the world, you have to respect and empower the healers."

-Yoga Creative Co

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Get a beautiful responsive websites that reflects your brand and attracts clients for only $99. JUNE SPECIAL: You can add custom colors and an online booking and payment page for $79 (for both!) Hosting + email available. You can have a new wesite and be ready to book clients & classes and take online payments with Stripe, Square, or PayPal in just 48 hours. Our clients are: Yoga studios, yoga teachers, dance & movement teachers, somatic practitioners, gyms, fitness gurus, pilates instructors, trainers, therapists, meditation, breathwork, reiki practitioners, doulas, accupuncturists, herbalists, astrologers. Healers.

2019 Yoga Business Accelerator

Currently accepting applications for the June 2019 Yoga Business Accelerator. Only the Top 30 applicants will be chosen and can select their start date: June 4, June 12, June 20
The Accelerator is a live online Yoga Business coaching program that takes you from zero to sold out in 5 weeks. The course meets once a week during your designated time for live 1:1 coaching + one a weekly live Q and A session with your class on FB Live. Course materials will be provided. This is bootcamp style so it moves fast to get results quickly. If you have a yoga business or are a yoga teacher wanting to promote your time slot or brand you should apply for this program. It won't be open again until 2020!

Hustle & Flow Courses
(Individual or Bundle Courses)

- Summer Slowdown: You DO NOT have to accept smaller classes or less pay! Time to Speed Up for Summer

- Wedding Season is Here! The Yoga Teacher's Guide to the Bridal Business, Part 1 & 2

- The Truth About Instagram: What you need & what you don't to attract & retain customers using social media

Individual or BundleCourses for discount
"Make money doing what you love by helping people who love what you do."
Courses offered June, July 2019 and not again until 2020!

Do you feel guilty charging money for classes?

- Stop Working for FREE -

Financial Security is a Form of Self-Care

The Yoga Teacher & Healer Masterclass is a ONE HOUR Webinar + One Hour Open Q&A that will have you looking at your job as a yoga teacher totally differently. 

If you want to figure out YOUR unique place as a yoga teacher this is for you. 

$139 – But ONLY $39 TODAY!

MAY 28

Hustle & Flow

The Business Accelerator
Just for Healers
covers these topics and MORE

Create Your Own New Course Concept & Signature Offering

Do you think about creating a new type of class but arent sure how to put it all together? From conceptualization to marketing, Hustle & Flow helps you create a concept you are proud of and excited to teach

You are Multi-Disciplinary Healer: Discover Your Multi-Disciplinary Modality Model

Are you a therapist teacher who also does Reiki? An astrologer who meditates? A runner who does reiki and teaches cooking but is also into astrology? Your favorite hobbies and talents are the key to your future. Learn how to put them together with your professional experience to create a totally new type of business completly unique to you

Course Materials Development

Do you teach your modality to students one-on-one or in groups? Having a well-organized course guide helps you sell a premium course while making sure you offer value to your clients or students. Learn the best practices for course material building: Organization, writing, design, and packaging it all to wow your students and stand out as a professional in your field. We'll also go over free and low cost ways to access tools to build these materials

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