$99 Yoga Websites // $179 Yoga Business Site + Online Booking + Payments // THE SUMMER YOGA SITE SALE JUNE
Learn how a student created a yoga hybrid class & sold it for $$$
You don't need to stick to traditonal yoga. We encourage you to pursue your vision and launch the class of your dreams, whatever that it
Build an army of loyal clients who love you
We teach you how to build an army and a community to rally behind your business. Plus our collaborative online learning community of yoga teachers gets you a squad of support here too
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No professional photos? So worries. You don't need them
Do you want to be an influencer or a paid yoga instructor? This is not a course to teaches you how to compete with influencers. This is for yoga teachers who want to create a brand from scratch, or reimagine an existing brand and successfully launch in 60 days or less
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Find out how to launch without a social media following
You do not need a lot of followers to create a thriving yoga business. We'll give you the goods on how to grow your Instagram - but you don't need it to succeed.
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Just Days to Launch

Welcome to the YOGACreative Co
"Hustle & Flow" 60 Days to Launch Course

This is the only live online yoga business training that takes you step-by-step through the exact process we use to help hundreds of teachers launch their own thriving business. You don't need to rely on teaching privates and you don't need a social media following. We made this course 60 days because that is the amount of time typically needed to plan, execute, and start making money. What is the date 60 days from today? If having your own yoga biz totally launched by that date sounds good to you, we'll see you in class.
plan yoga biz together with hustle and flow yoga

Plan & Execute it all Together

You need a plan to launch a business and we don't just give it to - we wal you through it step by step


Professional Instruction

Your Yoga biz coach is an experienced yoga teacher with an MBA. She's helped launch 200+ and counting


Collaborate on Everything

You have access to your teacher + a forum to post questions and get a reply in 24 hours

Don't Look for a Job. Create One!

If you want to work for someone else go for it! But you don't need to apply for studio jobs or to pray for private gigs anymore

What's in the course?

Step-by-Step Plan to Plan, Execute, and Launch Your Yoga Business and/or Brand in 60 Days
(and Learn the difference between the two!)

There are no limits and zero rules about what you can create. We will work together to nail down the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, HOW...and WHY

Live Online Classes + Live Coaching = GET IT DONE!

Live online business planning and coaching + group work sessions meet online for 6 weeks. Plus continued support and some totally insane bonuses.
BONUS: If you enroll in May you will get our Hustle & Flow: Grow Your Instagram course for free! (Usually $297)

Do NOT Launch Alone!

This is the only course that doesn't just give you course material and say" good luck!" We go with you each step of the way to launch, and then for a few weekks after so you can adjust.

Who is your instructor?

Jennifer LeRoi, MBA, RYT-500

Hi! My name is Jennifer and I'll be your guide. I'm an experienced yoga teacher with an MBA in Marketing. Since 2001 I have taught yoga in gyms, corporate studios, independent studios, high schools, and a corporate setting. I've also created and launched my own yoga business from scratch. I'm all for teaching in a studio - but here's why I don't do it. In addition to running around and having a crazy schedule with low pay (which sucks) I don't want to deal with any bullshit. Once I taught at a NYC studio where the studio owner was bleeding money. The owner was desperate and projected that vibe onto the teachers. It felt AWFUL. After teaching there I went home and cried! I don't want anyone to experience that. Recently I was creating a business model for a corporate entity and I thought - I don't want to do this just for businesses. I want to teach yoga teachers how EASY it is to create your own shit. So here we are. Let's create your own shit and get you paid. xoxo Jennifer


Live Q&A Webinar

I don't do a lot of webinars because I'm too busy teaching but summer is the best time to launch a yoga business and I'll tel you why in the webinar!

Webinar Hot Tip: Go to Yoga Events


Write down all the reasons why you think it's good to go to yoga events and get them ready for the webinar

Webinar Hot Tip: Why the "Gurus" Get it All Wrong

OMG how do they all get it so  wrong???

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